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Declaration of Independence

More Crazy News From Around the World

In more stunning news, the new President-elect of the U.S. is seeking to enrage the Chinese government over its relationship with Taiwan.

China has warned that it's "seriously concerned" after President-elect Donald Trump questioned whether the United States should keep its long-standing position that Taiwan is part of "one China."

Trump has signaled a willingness to confront Beijing, and his latest comments in an interview with Fox News suggested that he won't hesitate to anger China until the country comes to the bargaining table on trade and North Korea.

Amazingly, Nothing Happens for 24 Hours

     In the most lethargic news cycle ever experienced, absolutely nothing newsworthy occured anywhere on the face of the globe, for 24 hours, starting at 3:04PM, EST, Dec. 12th. The quiet was broken at exactly 3:04PM, on Dec. 13th, when elections were hacked, protesters were harrassed, fighting resumed, and idiot politicians were quoted saying extremely stupid things to the world at large.

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Increasing your Conversion Rate...

There is something amazing, and a little frightening, about the state of information today. In our case, in collecting a ton of digital data, small retailers can now see, in nearly real time, how customers behave when they’re online. And that gives us the opportunity to find little places in the business where improvements might be made.
Today, we’ll be talking about reducing the number of customers that leave your site before checking out, and increasing the number of sales that come through, also known as increasing your conversion rate.